An unforgettable journey, full of adventure, suspense, mystery, and despair to triumph, The Girl and the Golden Leaf, will forever touch your heart.
— CBM Christian Book Reviews (10/10 stars)

Combining an intriguing, engrossing story with a salutary message of hope and charity for deprived innocents, The Girl and the Golden Leaf by June N. Foster is both riveting and revelatory.
— Chanticleer Reviews

Foster’s deft writing can generate tension by mere suggestion.” “…rewarding tale of a kidnapped teenager’s resilience.
— Kirkus Reviews

This is a masterfully crafted and important work by a very talented author portraying a crucial topic that will be now understood because of her excellent storytelling skills.
— Paul S. Boardman, Author

June Foster’s debut novel tells the story of Tia McSherry’s heart wrenching experiences in the world of human trafficking. The teenager’s unyielding strength and her devotion to God in the midst of the impoverished, yet majestic landscapes of Argentina, Chile, and the Brazilian Amazon Forest, is suspenseful and compels every reader to save these kids from these atrocities occurring worldwide.
— Marilyn June Janson M.S. Ed. Janson Literary Services, Inc.